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​Jenny Slipper, Asphalt

Jenny Slipper, Asphalt
Jenny Slipper, Asphalt Jenny Slipper, Asphalt Jenny Slipper, Asphalt Jenny Slipper, Asphalt

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Jenny Slipper, Asphalt




Other options

Jenny is a favorite with a sweet feminine look. There's soft shearling wool on the inside, the outside, everywhere! The outer sole has decorative binding and is made from EVA.


Sheepskin and wool require minimal care. Because of how breathable and permeable these natural materials are, cleaning them is a breeze (literally). Shepherd recommends hanging your slippers outside when it’s humid to let water vapor pass through the skin and release any dirt particles or odors that have been absorbed.

Another option is to hand wash your slippers with lukewarm water and a mild detergent, then stretch and rub the material while it’s damp to maintain shape. Do not dry your slippers directly on a heat source.


Fit and Sizing

We highly recommend sizing up as many of our customers find Shepherd runs small. When you put on your slippers, they should feel snug but not uncomfortably tight. As you wear them, they will stretch and mold to your feet.

Women's Sizing
EU US Foot Length (cm)
36 5.5 23-23.7
37 6.5 23.7- 24.4
38 7.5 24.4- 25
39 8.5 25-25.8
40 9.5 25.8-26.4
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