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Lykke Three, Gold

​Lykke Three, Gold


Svante Watering Can, Brass

​Svante Watering Can, Brass


Basic Wine Stopper, Bronze

​Basic Wine Stopper, Bronze


Gömma Small Storage Dome, White

​Gömma Small Storage Dome, White


Gömma Big Storage Dome, White

​Gömma Big Storage Dome, White


Pillar Vase 32cm, Gold

​Pillar Vase 32cm, Gold


Light House, White

​Light House, White


Ball Vase 10cm, White

​Ball Vase 10cm, White


Ball Vase 20cm, White

​Ball Vase 20cm, White


Horizon Mirror Round, White

​Horizon Mirror Round, White


Norden Idyllwild Incense

​Norden Idyllwild Incense


Curve Hook, White

​Curve Hook, White


Simple Linen Pillow Case Standard Pair, Ivory

​Simple Linen Pillow Case Standard Pair, Ivory


Water Bottle 500ml, Clear

​Water Bottle 500ml, Clear


Krenit Bowl Ø, White

​Krenit Bowl Ø, White


Candlestick 29cm, White

​Candlestick 29cm, White


Simple Linen Fitted Sheet Queen, Ivory

​Simple Linen Fitted Sheet Queen, Ivory


Ripple Mug 250ml, White

​Ripple Mug 250ml, White


Dropit Large Hook Set, White

​Dropit Large Hook Set, White


Simple Waffle Towels , White

​Simple Waffle Towels , White


Norden Incense Burner (White Ceramic)

​Norden Incense Burner (White Ceramic)


Candlestick 21cm, White

​Candlestick 21cm, White


Aqua Culture Vase Large, Clear

​Aqua Culture Vase Large, Clear


Hibi Bowl 125mm, Clear

​Hibi Bowl 125mm, Clear


Simple Linen Duvet Cover Queen, Ivory

​Simple Linen Duvet Cover Queen, Ivory


Heima Block Candle Holder, Light Grey

​Heima Block Candle Holder, Light Grey


Ostermalm Blanket, Desert

​Ostermalm Blanket, Desert


Bau Lamp, Nature

​Bau Lamp, Nature


Ella Rug, Creme

​Ella Rug, Creme


Take! Bamboo Chair, Short

​Take! Bamboo Chair, Short


Box Cloth A5, Sand Brown

​Box Cloth A5, Sand Brown


Ebba Rectangular Rug, Creme

​Ebba Rectangular Rug, Creme


Double Sided Throw, Beige / White

​Double Sided Throw, Beige / White


Candlestick 29cm, Sand

​Candlestick 29cm, Sand


Ducky Oak, Oak

​Ducky Oak, Oak


Ani Throw, Beige / White

​Ani Throw, Beige / White


Simple Linen Throw, Flax

​Simple Linen Throw, Flax


PlantPot 140mm, Beige

​PlantPot 140mm, Beige


Candlestick 21cm, Sand

​Candlestick 21cm, Sand


Ani Big Blanket, Beige / White

​Ani Big Blanket, Beige / White


Tina Wool Pillow, Creme

​Tina Wool Pillow, Creme


Simple Oversized Knit Throw, Ivory

​Simple Oversized Knit Throw, Ivory


Pepo Jar H 48cm, Grey

​Pepo Jar H 48cm, Grey


Folder A4, Light Grey

​Folder A4, Light Grey


Day Off Tumbler 500ml, White

​Day Off Tumbler 500ml, White


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