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​Rip-Stop Light Jacket, Ink Navy

Rip-Stop Light Jacket, Ink Navy

Rip-Stop Light Jacket, Ink Navy



$139.00 $278.00

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Sleek and packable water resistant jacket that's both lightweight and durable. Perfect for passing showers on the trail.

Packable carrying sack built into the hood for easy transport. Water repellency of the back coating makes it suitable for sudden weather changes. This jacket is made with a lightweight, 20-denier 100% recycled polyester and a durable, high-density ripstop material. To maintain a tidy, minimal look without disrupting utility, the hood and hem stoppers are concealed within the jacket. Zippered mesh pockets on the front can function as vents. This mesh is made from a blend that includes silver, which offers antibacterial and deodorant effects.

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