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​Selene Knit Glove One size , Black / Grey

Selene Knit Glove One size , Black / Grey


Selene Knit Glove One size , Black / Grey



A best seller that’s stylish and adaptable. A blend of mostly wool makes them cozy. Fold the top part down, or extend it allll the way up your arm, under your coat sleeve, for that extra airtight insulation. 

Made of Evolg’s patented DMA YARN, processed by a special spinning method to mix fibers with ionized titanium. This makes the gloves highly conductive- you can text without freezing your fingers off.

Metal allergy friendly.


40°F - 32°F (5°C - 0°C)


Wool 86.7%,Nylon 10%,Acrylic 2.9%,Polyurethane 0.4%

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