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Gore-Tex Hooded Down Coat, Clay Beige

Gore-Tex Hooded Down Coat, Clay Beige

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This down coat offers all the performance you want out of your outerwear - built for the harshest winter environments - but is balanced with an elegantly simple aesthetic that feels right from the backwoods to the city. The outer Gore-Tex protects the down from getting wet and helps maintain it's loft, while the soft inner lining enhances your comfort. 

  • Firm, cotton-like outer material prevents the coat from looking bulky, despite it's down volume
  • Down baffle structure keeps down concentrated in the center to maintain core warmth
  • Insulated inner collar
  • Cole resistance features aplenty: double-flat front, cuffs with elastic that block the cold air, built in hand warmers
  • A "cohesive stopper" is used as a hood-cord adjuster, representing the technology and knowledge Goldwin has cultivated throughout it's history of ski apparel manufacturing
  • Side pockets and inner pockets both contribute to maximum storage capability
  • The double slider front zip and drawcord at hem allow you to style this coat in whatever way feels good
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