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​One Tuck Tapered Ankle Pants, Asphalt

One Tuck Tapered Ankle Pants, Asphalt


One Tuck Tapered Ankle Pants, Asphalt




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Goldwin's signature One Tuck Tapered Pants have been updated with a new ankle cut and environmentally friendly recycled material. With a buckle at the waist and a slight taper through the leg, this fresh take on the classic will take you from the office to the trail, and everywhere in between.

  • Nylon dominant twill fabric with a natural vintage-like feel
  • Stretch material that maintains dry-feel offers long lasting comfort
  • The pants have one tuck and a wide upper area that tapers to the bottom
  • The right hip pocket comes with an inner security pocket with zipper for securing coins and keys. The back pocket is positioned along the seam curve to highlight the design.

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