Elvine’s wearable luxury pieces draw inspiration from the brand’s home city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The founder, street artist Daniel Mänd, named Elvine after his grandmother, a skilled seamstress.

The brand’s ethos lies in appreciation for the humble worker culture and playful, relaxed street style of the city, and Gothenburg’s unpredictable weather has driven them to make technical outerwear for hopping around in the rain. 

They are committed to sustainability by using recycled fabrics, keeping their production free of harmful chemicals like PFAS and PVC, and making clothes that don’t need to be replaced every season (or ever). Their Code of Conduct agreement regarding human rights, working conditions, and environmental impacts is signed by all suppliers.

Pick up some Elvine if you’re like us: constantly in search of “sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour that suit sidewalks, rather than catwalks.”